Response Overview

The Virtual Assistant understands the User's Intent and responds with a variety of forms.

There are different kind of responses like plain text, links, menus, options (and more), and we can add one or more responses under a Trigger simply by dragging and dropping them! supports the following Responses:

TextReply with a text message
ImageReply with an image
URLReply with a URL
WebviewCall a predefined Webview
EventTrigger an Event
WebhookCall a predefined Webhook
VideoReply with a video
FileReply with a file
PausePause a specified amount of seconds
ResetReset specific or all context variables
HandoverRoute user to a Human Agent
CarouselReply with a carousel
TagLabel a conversation for future use
EmailSend an email
Google SheetStore data in a Google Sheet

Adding a Response

Add one or more Responses under a Trigger by using the drag-and-drop functionality.

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