Auto AI

Auto AI is an enterprise feature that uses the conversations between the Brain and the end users in order to:

  1. Recommend new Intents

In the following example you can observe that the virtual assistant wasn't trained to answer questions about "book appointments". Thus, when the end users started asking questions on how to book appointments, the system collected these questions and categorized them to one Intent with the name "book_appointment".

  1. Recommend new examples to existing Intents

In the example below, you can see that there is already an intent “broken_atm”. So, when the end users are asking questions about the broken ATM, the system collects these questions and recommends adding them in the existing Intent.

Auto AI contains independent deep learning algorithms, which, depending on the amount of logs and the time passed since the last training, runs in the background for several hours in order to enhance a Brain.

Enable Auto AI

After you enable Auto AI you will have to choose how you will train the Assistant. You can connect with different source types, such as:

  • Existing Brain. It is possible to use a different Brain from the one you are currently using.
  • Existing Desk. Similarly to the Brain a different Desk can be used in order to train your Virtual Assistant.
  • Your own Logs. With this option, you can train the Assistant simply by uploading a CSV file with drag and drop.

Rules to upload a CSV file

  1. Maximum size of the CSV file is 20 MB
  2. Remove any sensitive data from the utterances that you include in the file.
  3. Utterances that are shorter than 3 words or longer than 20 words are automatically filtered out during import.
  4. The file must contain at least 100 utterances. A file with 500 or more utterances will give you better results. Provide as much data as you can within the 20 MB file limit.
  5. If an utterance contains a comma, surround the utterance in quotation marks.
  6. The CSV must include only one column.

Example CSV file format

What happens to my coverage if I trade in my car?
i'd like to buy a house.
How do I add a dependent to my plan?
"first, i want to know if i am already registered."
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