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Intent trigger

You should use intent triggers when you want to start a dialog directly from a user's message. When the virtual assistant recognizes the intent behind the user's message, it activates the corresponding trigger and starts the respective dialog. An intent trigger is always connected to an intent, which signifies the activation of the trigger.

How to use an intent trigger

An intent trigger is connected with the intent #store_hours. When a user sends a message like "When are you open?", the brain identifies the intent as #store_hours and starts the corresponding dialog.


Multilevel dialog

You can also use an intent trigger as a child node in a dialog. This means that the brain activates the trigger only when it is already inside the dialog of a parent node. The following example shows a case in which the intent #affirmative is used as a parent and a child node.

You can see that when #affirmative is the parent node, if the user types 'yes' the message 'I'm listening!' comes up. However, when they ask about appointments and the brain asks for confirmation, given that #affirmative is a child node of the #appointments one, the response of booking appointments comes up.