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Broadcast is a powerful communication feature that allows users to send a single message to multiple recipients simultaneously. Unlike traditional group messaging where everyone sees each other's responses, broadcast messages are delivered as individual messages to each recipient. This ensures that your message reaches a broad audience while maintaining the privacy and personal touch of a one-on-one conversation.

Create a broadcast

  1. To create a broadcast, navigate to Build > Broadcasts from the top navigation bar
  2. Select + Add broadcast.
  3. Select a name and a valid WhatsApp integration.

Configure your broadcast

  • Audience: You can either upload a CSV file (including at least your customers’ phone number) and/or select a segment of users from past conversations based on tags.

  • Templates: You can view the templates approved in the WhatsApp Manager. If your templates require custom variables, you can fill them in manually or use those provided in the CSV file.

  • Tags: View the conversation tags for future reference. By default, the conversations get tagged by the broadcast name.

  • Settings: You can schedule the broadcast for a later time or send it immediately. You can also assign a brain to engage with customers after they reply.

Broadcast analytics

You can also see the open and reply rate of the broadcast, along with any errors that occurred. This information can help you measure the effectiveness of your broadcast and make any necessary adjustments to improve engagement and response rates.