Moveo.AI exposes a GraphQL API to allow the extraction of useful data collected from your end users.

Endpoint URLs

The endpoint URL for the API is https://logs.moveo.ai/v1/graphql


You authenticate to the API by using your API key as well as the account id for which this API key is generated.

  1. In the headers set:
    1. Authorization: apikey <YOUR_API_KEY>
    2. X-Moveo-Account-Id: <YOUR_ACCOUNT_ID>

Please contact support@moveo.ai to get an API key for your account


You can use a tool such as Altrair which is a Google Chrome Add-on, to quickly help you experiment GraphQL queries to Moveo.AI.


  1. SessionsPreviewV2: returns information about each sessions
  2. SessionContentV2: returns the content (whole history of messages) for a specific session
  3. LogsSessionsIntervalV2: returns the number of sessions per interval (i.e per day)
  4. UsersIntervalV2: returns the number of users per interval
  5. LogRequestsIntervalV2: returns the number of received messages per interval
  6. TopIntentsV2: returns the most commonly used Intents
  7. MessagesPerHourV2: returns the average number of messages for every hour of the day in a week
  8. AgentsPerformance: returns agent related performance metrics
  9. ResponseTimesInterval: returns response times related metrics per interval
  10. ResponseTimes: returns response times related metrics overall
  11. OpenClosedSessionsInterval: returns the number of open and closed sessions per interval
  12. AgentRepliesInterval: returns the number of agent replies per interval
  13. RatingsInterval: returns ratings related metrics per interval
  14. RatingsFeedbacks: returns the ratings and feedbacks
  15. SessionsMetering: returns the number of meaningful sessions
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