Our Moveo Environment, is exactly like a Front Desk; it receives the first communication from your End User and makes sure it reaches your Brains.

An Environment is the layer that manages the interfaces with the various Channel Integrations (Web, Facebook Messenger, Viber, etc.) and is connected with Brains through Rules.

In simple use cases only one Environment is enough. For example you might need one Assistant answering FAQs in your Website or just one Assistant handling delivery rescheduling.

However many businesses want to handle more than one use case and hence require multiple Assistants.

Why have more than one Environment?

Here are some examples:

  1. One Environment connected to your landing page answering FAQs and generating new leads and another Environment connected to your customers portal that supports logged in users

  2. In case your business operates in different markets such as the US and France, you might need to create one Environment for the US market and another one for the French market

  3. If you want to handle more complex usecases, you can have a Production and a Development Environment in order to make sure that releases to Production are first well tested in the Development Environment

  4. If you wish to use Human Chat and have separate customer support teams for different usecases or languages, you can create separate Environments

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