Rules will let you automate actions in conversations, like assign the conversation to a specific brain, tag a conversation and much more.

Rules let you automate your workflows for optimum efficiency and to ensure your customers get the best experience possible.

An Environment can have one or more rules. Here is how you can create a rule:

Step 1: Navigate to rules

Click on the rules icon in the top navbar.

If you are still using the old user interface, you can find the rules under your desk.

Step 2: Create a new rule

Step 3: Customize your rule

  1. The first step is to create a trigger. This will determine when the rule will be executed.

List of triggers:

  • A customer starts a conversation
  • A customer responds to a message
  1. The second step is to apply the conditions for the rule to be applied. You could also not specify any conditions.

There is a variety of conditions that you can choose from, including the channel that the conversation came from, the email of the user, the url of the website and so much more.

List of conditions:

  1. Finally, select the actions to be applied if the above conditions are met, like assigning a brain that will answer the message, tag the conversation etc.

List of actions:

  • Add tag
  • Assign brain
  • Close conversation
  • Apply bundle

Don't forget to make your rule active in order for it start taking effect.


1. Assign the conversation to a specific brain depending on tags

You can set up a a rule that will assign the conversations with a specific tag to the brain of your choice.

Note: You will need another rule that will handle all the other conversations that don't include these tags.

2. Assign a different brain depending on the language

In this example lets use the web widget integration.

  1. You can set up a form that will ask the users their preferred language

  2. Create two rules that will assign the correct Brain depending on the language that the user has picked

    If the language is Greek then assign the Greek Brain

    If the language is English OR not Greek then assign the English Brain

Notice how in the english rule we also specify a second condition - Language is not Greek. This is for the cases that the language won't be Greek or English. Then those message will default to the English brain.

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