A/B testing

You can use A/B testing, to differentiate the experience of your users. An easy way of implementing this is with the Random number generator webhook The webhook generates a random number between two parameters, min and max (default 0 and 1), and stores it in the random_number context variable.


To implement this feature in your Môveo brain, perform the following steps:

  1. Create or select an existing brain.

  2. Go to Webhooks, select Create webhook and enter the following details.

    • Name: Random Number Generator

    • URL: https://integration-guides.moveo.ai/api/common/random-number-generator?min=0&max=100 (add your desired values for min and max as query parameters)

    • Verification token: Add a placeholder. Verification tokens are ignored by this webhook so you can add anything you want.

  3. Create a new dialog, or import this ready-made dialog.

  4. Modify the conditions of the dialog according to your desired outcome. For example, if you want 30% of users to be directed to event_a and the rest to event_b, the conditions can be set as follows: If random_number is less than 30, the user goes to event_a. Otherwise, the user goes to event_b.

Example use cases

A/B testing has several applications, including:

  • Testing different chatbot brains and analyzing their performance using analytics.

  • Transferring a percentage of users to a live agent for immediate assistance.

  • Personalizing the user journey by offering different options based on the random_number generated by the webhook. For instance, you could present a survey to only a portion of users.

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