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Live agent effectiveness

You can view important statistics about the responsiveness of your live agents in the Live agent effectiveness section. This section shows data related to how fast the response time is. You can filter between environments and live agents.

Live agent responsiveness

The Live agent responsiveness graph provides data about the first response time and the general response time of live agents to messages. You can choose between data about the average, the median, the maximum and the minimum response time, and also compare the data to the previous time period.

First response time

The First response time graph provides data about the first response time to a message. We define as first response time the elapsed time between the user's first message and the agent's response.

Response time

The Response time graph provides data about the general response time to a message, that is, the time taken for a live agent to reply to a message, without taking into consideration if it is the first message.

statistical tip

To extract more useful data, use the median when extreme values are present, and the average otherwise.