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You can view the usage of the virtual assistant for a specific time interval in the Usage menu of Analytics. In this menu, you can find three useful graphs.


The Counts graph shows the number of messages, conversations and customers for the selected time period, for the selected filters. You can also compare your data for the previous respective time period, by ticking the respective box. Doing that will add new bars next to the existing ones, in a grayer shade, as well as increase or decrease percentages to the number of messages, conversations and customers.

Messages by time of day

The Messages by time of day graph shows the number of messages sent to the virtual assistant for time intervals within the day. Using this graph, you can extract useful conclusions for the distribution of messages — for example in this graph, you can see that the volume of the messages are particularly high between 10 AM to 2 PM on Wednesdays, so you could have your live chat department active during that period of time. You can also hover your cursor over each box to get the specific number of messages during the respective time period.

Conversations per channel

The conversations per channel graph shows the distribution of conversations between different communication channels. This is helpful for you to analyze what communication channels, such as Web, Facebook or Viber, your users prefer for their conversations with the virtual assistant.