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Collections is a powerful tool that enables the curation and management of a large range of documents from multiple platforms, such as web pages, file uploads and knowledge bases. The main objective of collections is to enhance your virtual assistant, in order to deliver accurate and reliable answers to user queries.

How do collections work?

On every user's message (request), Moveo first tries to answer based on its parameterization from the brain. If the brain returns an unknown, it tries to find the answer on the collections. Moveo classifies the articles that correspond the most to the user's question. Then, it finds the parts of the articles that contain the answer to the user question and generates a response, using its Generative AI / LLM capabilities.

Create a collection

  1. To create a collection, navigate to Build > Collections from the top navigation bar

  2. Select + Create new collection.

  3. Select a name and the language of the collection.

  4. Select your desired datasource.

  5. Configure your datasource. Find instructions below for:

Connect a collection

You can connect a collection to your virtual assistant in the following ways.

  • Brain: Go to the Collection tab of your brain and pick your collection.
  • Collection: Select + Add brain within the collection and select the (one or more) brains you want.


Fragments are chunks of text, typically about 400 words each, extracted from the provided content. These segments are processed by AI to ensure efficient and accurate content analysis and interaction.

Each fragment is roughly 400 words.

For example 2500 fragments are approximately between 250 and 300 pages of content.

Customize your agent's AI profile

You can customize your virtual agent's AI profile, by navigating to the settings of your brain. Select the name of the company and fine-tune the assistant's tone of voice. The following parameters can be adjusted to meet your preferences:

  • Company Name
  • Response Length: Short / Long
  • Humor Style: Funny / Neutral / Serious
  • Formality Level: Casual / Neutral / Formal
  • Respectfulness Rating: Irreverent / Neutral / Respectful
  • Enthusiasm Level: Enthusiastic / Neutral / Matter-of-fact

Guidelines and best practices

Make sure to follow our best practices guide to ensure the best performance of your collection.