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Context bundles

You can use context bundles to automatically import variables in the conversation. You can find the context bundles menu when you select the environment.

Uses of context bundles

Some use cases, in which bundles can be very useful, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Different variable values for different languages
  • Webhook variables to edit at any time without intervening with code
  • Different information within the same brain, depending on the environment

Add a context bundle

To add a context bundle, go to your environment > Context bundles > + Add context bundle. Enter a name and (optionally) a description. After you create the bundle, add all variable keys and values and save.

Upload a context bundle

You can also upload your context bundle in a JSON file. There are two ways in which you can do that:

Import a new bundle

Similar to importing a brain, you can import your context bundle. Select a name, a description and your JSON file to import your context bundle as new.

Merge bundle

You can also upload your bundle inside an existing one, in order to merge all variables into one bundle. In case of conflicts, you get the option to either keep the original variable values, or replace them with the new ones.