Web Widget

Step 1: The first step is to visit https://console.moveo.ai ,then go to Team settings in the left column and click Desks. After that, select the Desks that you want to connect with.

Step 2: Connection with Web Widget.

Step 3: Copy the code snippet in the "body" of your webpage. To be more precise, putting the script at the top would seem neater, but functionally, its better to go at the last line of the body. That way, your script won't run and try to reference HTML elements before they are loaded. This sort of problem often only becomes apparent when you load the page over an actual internet connection, especially a slow one.

Step 4: In the field Whitelist domains add the URLs of the websites you want to send messages to Moveo.

Step 5: After that you will have to customize the appearance of the virtual assistant and the web widget. You can select a picture for your avatar, change the background color, set the size of the window chat etc. After you completed the changes, click save.

Step 6: After you completed the integration you can fill out some information such as Header title, Welcome Trigger message and Greeting text. You must also enable the Status otherwise the integration will not receive any messages. Also you should not forget to click save, otherwise the preview widget will not be displayed in the top right corner (so you can test it).

  • Header title: Header title will be shown at the top of the web widget.

  • Welcome trigger message: Welcome trigger message is a message that the user will send to Moveo in order to start the conversation.

  • Greeting text: Is an opening message that will be shown when the widget has not been opened yet.

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