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Override configuration

By default, in the initialization of Webchat widget, only the integrationId option is required. However, you can provide more options to override the default behavior of your web chat instance.

<script src=""></script>
integrationId: 'YOUR_INTEGRATION_ID',
//You can insert the additional options here. Example :
welcome_message: 'Hello , how can i help you',
welcome_trigger_message: 'hello',
chatWindow: {
width: '380px',
height: '650px',
launcher: {
size: '60px',
show: true,
language: 'en',
// You can find all the available options listed below.
.then((instance) => {
.catch((error) => console.error(error));


welcome_messageOverrides the teaser message next to the minimized webchat.
welcome_trigger_messageOverrides the auto-send message when the user opens the launcher.
chatWindowChanges the width and height of the opened chat.
background_colorOverrides the default color of webchat.
accent_colorOverrides the typography color.
  • Update the size of the launcher.
  • Use show:false to hide the launcher. You can then open it programmatically.
bubble_imageOverride custom image of launcher.
avatarOverrides the assistant avatar.
header_titleOverrides the title on the chat header.
languageOverrides the system language. Read more about the system language here.
focus_trapPrevents user browsing while the conversation is open.
auto_openThe widget opens automatically without waiting for the user to click on it.
virtual_agent_nameName your VA so that the message "YOUR_NAME" joined the conversation instead of Virtual Assistant joined the conversation appears
webchat_aria_labelAria label text for the webchat button for screen readers

Webchat default system language

The language of the webchat determines the language of the messages displayed, as highlighted in the image below. The language is selected in order of priority (highest first) as follows:

  1. If the language field from the visitor information form is selected, the system language updates depending on the user's choice.
  2. Next, if no language is chosen, the default language specified in the webchat integration configuration is used.
  3. When neither of the above is available, the language of the user's browser is used.

This ensures that the messages displayed are tailored to the user's preferred language, and provides a seamless experience across different devices and settings.

You can use the language override above to ensure that everyone sees the same language regardless of their browser settings. See the available languages here.