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Collections through documents

You can upload your own documents, in order to have your virtual assistant answer from them.

Upload a document

Select Documents as your datasource and upload your documents to Moveo. They can be of the following formats:

  • DOCX
  • DOC
  • MD
  • HTML
  • TXT (editable)

Each document undergoes 3 stages:

  • Uploading: The document is being uploaded to Moveo.

  • Indexing: The document is being analyzed and organized for easy retrieval.

  • Available: The document is ready for use by your virtual assistant.

Edit a document

You can edit your uploaded TXT files, by clicking on the three dots and selecting Edit. Click Save to immediately reflect the change in your collection.

Create a document

You can also create your own document from the platform directly. On your datasource, click Create text file, add a title and the contents of your document, then click Save to upload and store it immediately in your collection.

Replace a document

You can replace an existing document, by clicking on the three dots, selecting Replace and finally uploading your replacement document.