Moveo.AI provides an out-of-the box integration with WhatsApp.

Before you begin

Before you begin connecting Moveo with WhatsApp you need the following:

  • A verified Facebook Business Manager account, for which you have admin access.

  • A Meta developer account with an App that is connected to your Business Manager Account.

Create a WhatsApp product in your App

In your Meta App navigate to the Add Product Page and click Set up under WhatsApp. Select your existing Meta Business Manager account.

Add your phone number

When creating your WhatsApp product, Meta gives you a temporary phone number which can be used for testing. In order to add your actual phone number click on the Add phone number button in the right bottom of the screen and complete the form.


In order for your phone number to be usable, Meta needs to verify your WhatsApp Account. The verification process takes approximately 1 to 2 days.

In order to monitor the verification status of your phone number you can navigate to your WhatsApp Manager and click on the phone number that you previously added.

Clicking on the phone number, you can see the status of your phone number’s verification

While waiting for Meta to approve your phone number, you can continue to the step below.

Connect with Moveo

Navigate to the Moveo Console and add a new WhatsApp Integration if you haven’t done so already.

When connecting WhatsApp you need to copy-paste certain fields, which will allow Moveo to receive and answer user messages.

In order to connect your WhatsApp account with Moveo you will need the following:

Access token

Follow this guide to generate an Access Token for your Business Manager. When selecting the relevant permissions check the whatsapp_business_messaging and whatsapp_business_management permissions. Copy paste this token to Moveo under the field Access Token

App Secret

Navigate to your Meta App under Settings > Basic and copy-paste the App Secret token in your Integration

Phone number ID

Navigate to your WhatsApp product and copy your Phone number ID for the phone number added in Step 2 above.

Verify token

In your integration set your verify token to be anything that you want. The verify token will be used in the steps below.

Capture the Integration ID from the URL of the page. For example in the URL:


the Integration ID is the last part of the URL, i.e: fad2e11a-74ee-4699-850e-f5cfbc812892.

Navigate to the Configuration tab in your WhatsApp product in your Meta App and do the following:

  • Set the webhook callback URL to: https://channels.moveo.ai/v1/whatsapp/<YOUR_INTEGRATION_ID>.
  • Set the Verify token from above.
  • Subscribe to the messages webhook field.

Register your phone number

After Meta verifies your phone number, navigate to the Configuration tab in your WhatsApp product in your Meta App and register your phone number.

WhatsApp testing

You can also test your brains with WhatsApp, using your phone number. This is NOT an integration with WhatsApp, but a test of the integration with our Moveo number. You must have a WhatsApp account with this number to test.

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