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Intercom has partnered with Moveo.AI to add a new agent to the customer support team, a smart AI virtual assistant! You can integrate your assistant with an Intercom application to enable the app to seamlessly pass user conversations between your assistant and live agents.

If you integrate your environment with Intercom, all interactions with users are initiated through and managed by Intercom.

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Intercom Example

  1. Create a functional email account for your assistant. Each assistant must have a valid, unique email address before it can be added to a team in Intercom.

  2. From your Intercom workspace, add the assistant to your team as a new agent.

    Go to the teammate settings page in your Intercom workspace, invite the assistant as a new agent by adding the email you created in the previous step to the invite field.

  3. From the assistant email account you created earlier, find the invitation from Intercom. Click the link in the email to join the team. Sign up using the assistant's functional email address, and then join the team.

  4. Optional: Update the profile for your assistant.

    You can edit the name and profile picture for your assistant. This profile represents the assistant in private agent communications within your workspace, and in public interactions with customers through your Intercom apps. Create a profile that reflects your brand.

  1. Create a brain, which hands the end user over to a live agent. You could also use the Handover to live agent brain template!
  2. Create an environment and connect the above brain to it.
  3. Add an Intercom Integration by redirecting to Intercom.

In your Intercom app, you need to log in from the account of your assistant.

Test your integration

The final step is to create an outbound Intercom Custom Bot that assigns your assistant from Intercom. Whenever the assistant is assigned, it will respond to the message from the end user!

In a handover case, your assistant will transfer the conversation to the Unassigned Inbox, in order for other live agents to take over the conversation.

Custom attribute

Moveo offers a specialized attribute designed to notify Intercom when the assistant has responded more than once. This feature can be valuable in scenarios where you intend to present a survey or pose a question to the user. To enable and use the custom attribute, follow the instructions below:

  1. In your Intercom account, go to the Conversation data and select Create a new conversation attribute. Set the format to boolean and assign the name as follows:

    Include a description and save the attribute.

  2. Initialize the attribute, in the trigger rule you initialize the conversation. Set the default value of the attribute to false.

  3. Create your feedback rule, enabling it to only trigger if the attribute is true.

Here are some screenshots to help you understand how to set up this custom attribute. It's designed to trigger a survey for users who have asked at least two questions to Moveo but haven't responded afterwards.

Media upload

Moveo's virtual assistant can only receive text as input. When a user or an agent uploads a media file in the Intercom messenger, Moveo converts it into a text message that contains the URL of the attachment.


You can handle media upload from a user within the brain using an intent and a dialog to define the virtual assistant's behavior.

Intent expressions examples

You can use the expressions below as training phrases to help Moveo better understand when a user uploads a media file.