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Moveo.AI provides an out-of-the box integration with Viber.


To connect your virtual assistant to Viber, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the Viber Partners platform and fill your mobile phone number.

  2. Click Create Bot Account, on the left sidebar.

  3. Complete the form and accept the Terms and Conditions, then click Create.

  4. Store the access token that pops up. You need it later.

  5. Go to the Integrations section in the Moveo platform and select the environment you want to connect with Viber.

  6. Click Connect below the Viber integration.

  7. In the Connection settings, fill in the access token from Viber, give a name to the virtual assistant and save.

  8. Customize the avatar and the autostart message, which is the message sent to Moveo when the user opens the conversation.

  9. Optional: Configure user authentication.

  10. Set the state to ACTIVE and save your changes.

The image below shows a successful Viber integration.


Viber limits the conversation starting message to one response.


Start a conversation in Viber with a carousel.