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Moveo gives you the opportunity to create multiple versions of the same brain.

Assume that you are operating a brain in production, with users asking questions throughout the day. Consider wanting to implement new changes, not visible to your users. To solve this issue, you can use versions.

Draft state

All changes that you make are saved to the draft state of the brain. In Test, you always interact with the draft version of the brain.

Create a new version

To create a new version, select Create version and write a short description of your changes. You can view the history of all your changes by clicking Versions.


You can only have up to 25 versions at any time. When you exceed this number, you need to delete a previous version, in order to create a new one.

Manage a version

For any version of the brain, you can perform the following operations:

  • Restore: Revert the brain to the selected version.
  • Export: Download a JSON file of the selected version.
  • Delete: Permanently delete the selected version.

Assign the new version

After you create a new version and are ready to share it with your users, you should navigate to the rules and assign the new version of the brain.

The images below show a complete example of the procedure.