Moveo has a special feature where you can have different versions of the same Brain. Versions are mainly used to control the changes that are visible to your end-users and to “save” the state of a Brain.

For example, assume that you start a small brain with 10 Intents and 10 dialogs, which you have connected to a Desk such that your users talk to your Virtual Assistant via the Web. Imagine that now you would like to make new changes to your Brain, but you wouldn't want them to be visible to your users. You can use Brain Versions in order to solve this problem!

How to create a version

  1. The first option is to click on History and click Create Version.

  1. The second option is to click on the Publish button, which will create a new version and also propagate this version to your desired Desk.

Managing Specific Versions

For a given version of a Brain, you have 3 options:

  1. Restore: The Brain reverts to a previous version. This is useful when you wish to “go back” to a previous version.

  2. Publish: The selected Desk will be connected to the given version

  3. Delete: This action will permanently delete the given version.

Making Changes -- Draft state

Any changes that you make are saved to the Draft state of the Brain. In the Try it, you always interact with the Draft version of the Brain. In order to make your new updates to a Brain visible to your end users, you need to Publish your changes to the Desk that you wish. By publishing your changes, all users chatting with the connected Desk will now interact with the new version.

If you create a new Brain and you haven’t created a version or made a Publish you will always be in the Draft state. So when you connect the Brain to a Desk, all changes will be visible to the end-user as no versions will be present.

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