When the Virtual Assistant doesn't understand something, it makes an elaborate prediction based on its smart AI algorithm and will answer depending on it's confidence level

We can check these predictions and use the Τrain option to manually link the Intent with the correct expression.

A very good way of using Training, is to invest a bit of time and feed your Virtual Assistant with profession-specific language and jargon, so that it learns and adapts to your needs!

With state-of-the-art NLP algorithms, Machine Learning and a bit of guidance, your Virtual Assistant is going to be able to participate in meaningful end-to-end conversations with your users!

Confidence Level

When a phrase doesn't match 100% of an Intent, Moveo will make an elaborate guess to answer depending on its Confidence Level, which we can raise or lower -depending on our needs- at any point.

Moveo's Confidence Level can be set from 0% to 100%, and it represents how confident our Virtual Assistant should -at least- be to answer a question that it's not 100% trained on.

EG. On a typo like "Helor there" , our Virtual Assistant should have a high level of confidence to answer with the "Greetings" Intent. On a phrase like "dfgdr" it would have a low level of confidence on replying

  • A Virtual Assistant set at 70% would answer the "Hello there" typo and it would return an "unknown value" to the "ffdfdgd" message.

Training Time

Moveo's Training Time usually takes 5" - 30" and during that time, its Status Bar is Blue.

If the Status remains in that state for more than 1 minute, you can always contact us and we will troubleshoot and help you out!

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