Dialogs are a core concept of Moveo. Dialogs are small, independent and possibly interlinked components, which define the flow of the conversation. Usually Dialogs target an independent smaller part of the desired conversation and can be interconnected with other Dialogs in order to achieve a more complex interaction with the end user.

Each dialog consists of Trigger and Response Nodes.


A Collection, is simply a group of Dialogs.

Its purpose is to create a clean and organized Virtual Assistant, so that you can coordinate better and be more efficient.

Kind of like organizing clothes in the closet's shelves, instead of putting them all in one cupboard.

Moving around Dialogs

You can always drag and drop a Dialog from any Collection to any other Collection.

Also, you can click on any Dialog and then on the + in order to create a Dialog under the Collection you wish to!

And then you can change your mind and move that Dialog into another Collection!


Each new dialog turn can contain up to 80 dialog nodes and must take less than 17 seconds to complete. Typically you would never encounter those limitations unless you have mistakenly created an infinite loop using dialog events. Those safeguards are there to protect you and your customers and allow your VA to continue the conversation. If an infinite loop is detected it will be visible in the Debug section of the try-it panel.

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