Google Sheet

Keeping records of convesation data, generating reports, making notes and any other functionality served by a spreadsheet is now possible and only takes a few steps to set up!

Choose a spreadsheet

Open your google sheet and click on Share on the top right corner of your screen.

Then add our service account with the role of editor to the list.

Now go back to the console.

Add the Google Sheet Response in a Dialog

First drag the response and drop it in your desired position in the dialog

Then click on the Response Node and the following panel will appear on the right side

Now lets dive in to the fields of this response...

Spreadsheet ID (required)

This id is part of your google sheet as such:{SPREADSHEET_ID}/edit#gid=0

For example in this url:

the Spreadsheet ID is: 1IVjGiVu58GXViVLuhP1TPlQenczrzJO31RPaAg49eMM

Sheet ID (required)

This is the name of the sheet on which the inputs will be added. You can find it on the bottom left corner of the spreadsheet.

For example here the Sheet ID is: demo sheet

Inputs (at least one required)

These are the entries that will be appended on the first free row of the sheet. Choose any context variable or entity to save data from the conversation.

For example for the entries:

with values:

$firstname = John
$lastname = Stevens
$phone_number = 415-321-9988

our example sheet will be like this:

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