Do you want to send email notifications such that your team can stay up to date with the latest information or events within your Virtual Assistants, or send a confirmation to your customers? You can do both with the Email dialog response!

How to use it

First drag the response and drop it in your desired position in the dialog

Then click on it and the following panel will appear on the right side

From (required)

Currently the sender of the email is fixed to

To (at least 1 required)

To add a recipient for your email we provide two options:

  1. Type an email address and press the Return key(Enter) .
  2. Choose any context variable or entity from the list and press the Return key(Enter). This way you can send an email to an address that was previously provided by the end user. For example, you could use the context variable that may have previously been saved by the Brain through a Requisite.

After that the recipient will be added to the list.

Subject (required)

The subject that will appear on the email. The subject also appears on the response node in the dialog. This field can contain context variables.

Body (optional)

The contents of your email can be formated text and can also include context variables and entities.


A complete example using this response:

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