The most common response to a question is a "Text Response" and it's used mainly used to inform the user or guide them.



When the user sends the message "Hello, when are you open?", we reply with the Text response specified within the dialog node.

Quick Options

Quick Options are responses that give options in the form of buttons.

Under a Text Response, you can optionally add one or more quick options, in order to facilitate the conversation with the user. For example, you could suggest a continuation of the above conversation by having a Location and an Appointment request as Quick Options. When the user clicks on a Quick Option, then the Text field of the quick option will be sent to the system, as if the user typed that text.


In the above example, the user clicks on Location, and the message "Where are you located?" is sent from the user.

Thus, a Quick Option consists of a Label, which is shown to the user under a Text Response and a Text, which is the sentence that the user will send if he/she clicks on that Option.

We often use Quick Options, in order to lead the user to predetermined sections.

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