A Webview can only be used with Facebook Messenger and Viber and needs to be hosted in a public url. A webview is used when it is necessary to collect a big amount of information from the user. A webview offers a similar experience as a common website, where the user interacts with a static html page, mostly to give his/her information in order to e.g complete a form or register for an event.

How to add one

To add a webview as a response drag and drop it in your dialog as shown below.

Then by clicking on it you get the window shown on the right.

Fill the fields with values according to the table below.

URLA valid URL to the webview
NAMEThe text shown on the top of the box
LABELThe text that appears on the button
TRIGGER NODEThe Trigger node that the flow returns to when the Webview is closed
HEIGHTThe height of the Webview window

Finally this is what the end user sees on the chat.

How to create your own Webview

For a step by step guide on creating a Webview continue here

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