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Webview response


You can use a webview when it is necessary to collect a big amount of information from the user. A webview offers a similar experience as a common website, where the user interacts with a static HTML page, usually to give their information in order to complete a form, register for an event or anything applicable.


A webview can only be used with Webchat, Facebook Messenger and Viber and must be hosted in a public URL.

You can find a step-by-step guide on how to create a webview.


A webview contains the following fields:

  • url: A valid and public URL to the webview
  • name: The text shown on the top of the box
  • label: The text that appears on the button
  • trigger_node: The trigger node that the flow returns to when the user closes the webview
  • height: The height of the webview window

The height option is only available in Facebook Messenger, Webchat and Zendesk Sunshine.