If you need a more complex response, the ideal choice would be a Carousel. In order to add a Carousel response you will need to drag and drop it under a Trigger. After that you will have to fill in the fields. You can have up to 3 buttons in each card and a maximum of 6 cards.


  • Title: Give a title in each one of your cards(max 64 characters)
  • Subtitle: Give a subtitle-short description (max 80 characters)
  • Media Type: You can select between Image and Video on what you want to appear in the carousel
  • Image-Video: Give the URL of the image or video that you want to be shown. The recommended image ratio is 16/9
  • Default Action: You can give your image-video an onclick action (URL, Postback, Phone, Webview)
  • Buttons: Add a button and give it a label and an action. You can select between Postback, URL, Phone, Webview on what will happen after you click the button
    • Postback: A message will be sent back to Moveo
    • URL: It will redirect you to the given URL
    • Phone: A call will be made to the phone number you gave
    • Webview: A form will open in order to collect information from the user
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