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Your brain remembers users' responses but can also reset any value in a flow, when you need to. That means that if at some point you were going to ask for the phone number of your user, but they've already given it by themselves, your virtual assistant won't be asking for it again!

A reset removes either all the context variables or specific ones.

For example, if a user types in something wrong by mistake, you can give them the opportunity to rewrite it correctly. You can do this with a reset, that removes the variable in which the user has stored their information and then prompt them to enter it again.

You can choose between resetting all or specific variables.

  • When you select All variables, all of the variables in the dialog are reset. User, bundle variables and tags are not reset.
  • When you select Specific variables, you have to specify all the variables you want to reset. With this option, you can also reset user variables, except for $user.user_id.


System variables are not eligible for reset.