Our Virtual Assistant remembers users' responses but it can also reset any value in a flow, when it needs to.

That means that if at some point you were going to ask for the phone number of your User, but they've already given it by themselves, your Virtual Assistant won't be asking for it again!

A Reset Response resets the value of either all the Context Variables or of specific ones.

In cases where -for example- someone needs to check through for multiple purchases, it will reset some or all the Values, so that your User can check again for another purchase.

Another reason for this, is that sometimes our Users make a mistake when they're giving us information.

All or Specific Variables

When resetting all context variables in the dialog, then there are certain context variables that will still remain in the context in order to allow the virtual assistant to function properly. Those variables which cannot be reset consist of all sys type context variabels like sys-channel etc, along with user and tags.

In general, user attributes are all eligible for resetting except user_id. For instance, to delete the user's email address you could specify the value in the reset action.


Courier Service:

  1. Virtual Assistant asks for Delivery ID
  2. User mistakenly answers "XXXYYY"
    (Virtual Assistant gives status info)
  3. Virtual Assistant will then reset the value (ID) so the user can give a new ID to check another delivery
    (otherwise it would check the same)
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